Al Forsan International Sports Resort

From indoor and outdoor training areas to the fully floodlit polo field and world class stable facilities, the Equestrian Centre at Al Forsan International Sports Resort has been designed to meet international standards and create the perfect environment for those who love horses.

An eco-friendly 800-seat indoor arena may be Al Forsan’s crown jewel, but the centre also has 169 stables – offering a full livery service for members – its very own full-size polo pitch, as well as 39 English and Irish-bred horses for all manner of lessons.

Al Forsan is also a training facility like no other - students of all skill levels are trained in a wide range of equestrian disciplines including riding, polo, show jumping and dressage.


Scop Of Works:

- Grass maintenance & upgrading.
- Trees & Shrubs Maintenance.
- Irrigation system maintenance.